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“Your Magnificent Chooser” by John Ortberg

Your Magnificent ChooserYour Magnificent Chooser by John Ortberg
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For this book, I sought my wife’s thoughts on the book, so she took to reading the story to a group of children to get feedback. This is the summary of that experience. Continue reading

“Love in a Time of Hate” by Hannah Schott 

Love in a Time of Hate: The Story of Magda and Andre Trocme and the Village That Said No to the NazisLove in a Time of Hate: The Story of Magda and Andre Trocme and the Village That Said No to the Nazis by Hanna Schott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

For this book, I sought my wife’s thoughts on the book, to best review the emotional connection this tale can tell. This is her review. Continue reading

“Martin Luther: Renegade and Prophet” by Lyndal Roper

Martin Luther: Renegade and ProphetMartin Luther: Renegade and Prophet by Lyndal Roper
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Roper’s attempt at a truthful look at Luther, a historical figure that changed the landscape of Christianity, is honest and needed. At the time of the publication of this book, and this review as well, the 500 year anniversary is upon Germany for the Reformation. Luther accomplished much to transform Christianity and create the Protestant faith, even if it involved scandal and rampant antisemitism. Roper does not shy away from addressing Luther’s failures and struggles, which is appreciated. Prior to encountering this book (and using it as a course material in Len Sweet’s cohort Semiotics program), I was already aware of the Jew-hating approach that Luther held due to his own failure to convince the Jews of a Gospel they didn’t need. Roper took me even farther by revealing how engrained his antisemitism was to his works, and I appreciated the authentic approach to highlighting Luther as a man instead of as an idol.

Roper spends sufficient effort into laying out the land, as it were, for the reader to have a better grasp of who Luther was and what formed his flawed theological perspectives. Those looking for sole praise of this historical figure may be better off in the fiction section, but Roper does express some of Luther’s less negative accomplishments. As one that endorses orthodoxy and discourages evangelicalism, I found Roper’s work to be balanced and even-keeled, adhering to a regimen of historical reporting instead of alternative facts. In the realm of historic works, this title does a fair and candid job of revealing Luther to a new generation.

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“Why Be Jewish?” by Edgar Bronfman

Why Be Jewish?: A TestamentWhy Be Jewish?: A Testament by Edgar Bronfman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Bronfman, just before his passing, brings his lifelong questions and studies to the table in this book. When I first agreed to review this work, I had expected an argument for the Jewish faith. Continue reading