“3 Weird ‘Marketing Secrets’ Of Successful Authors On Amazon” by Shaun Hibbs

3 Weird 3 Weird “Marketing Secrets” Of Successful Authors On Amazon: How They Got To #1 by Shaun Hibbs
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In this book, Shaun teaches about marketing success with the reader’s book in an Amazon world. His marketing tips, which he calls secrets, aid the reader in learning how to sell what the audience will buy on the Amazon bookstore system (both ebooks and print books). I can’t really discuss the tips themselves since that would give away the purpose of reading the book, but Shaun does an excellent job connecting the dots and guiding the reader from the first sentence to a final manuscript (in terms of passive marketing).

Shaun writes in a way that engages the reader and keeps the pages turning (or in my case, button presses). He uses personal success to sell the reader on the approach and then anecdotal metaphor to weave a story that keeps the reader engaged while explaining his recommended approach.

Shaun shares practical tools to help authors find a writing topic based on what sells, not necessarily what one wants to write about. This is important to recognize. Why is that? Ten years ago, before the primacy of ebooks, less than 3% of authors made a living off their writing. Now, as Shaun points out, market saturation has over 9 million authors on the Amazon book marketplace. This means that the rate of making a living is significantly lower than the old estimate of 3%, so if one wants to be a writing as a living, they need to build a tribe and offer a product that sales until they have the reputation and following to support their passion.

Overall, Shaun tackles a great concept in a short fashion, which is great. His book takes less than an hour to read (my distracted reading pace estimates a 45 minute read on my Kindle) and cuts to the chase. Having perused this book, Shaun’s strategy seems like a good approach and he has the data to back him up. If you’re considering publishing in the future (like me), then this book is an excellent pre-writing read.

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