“365 Pocket Morning Prayers” by David R. Veerman

365 Pocket Morning Prayers: Strength and Joy to Begin Each Day365 Pocket Morning Prayers: Strength and Joy to Begin Each Day by David R. Veerman
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This book earns its title by being a book that can easily fit in your pocket. Unlike the traditional NT Bibles, which this is not a Bible but rather a prayer devotional, the text is a legible font size. The cover is a faux-leather that has a stylish embossing of the title and imagery. The work comes with a ribbon bookmark for easy saving of progress. Based off the New Living Translation, this book is designed to help readers enjoy their morning with selected prayers that encourage, motivate, and exhort, giving “strength and joy to begin each day.”

This work is more of a prayer book than a devotional book, but does fit both categories sufficiently. Each day is numbered and has a prayer to go alone with it. The prayer is crafted to be a devotional as well, educating the reader as they pray the prayer that is based on the verse of Scripture quoted underneath. In regards to crafted prayers, this is not new ground. However, these prayers are written in a manner to promote learning and belief in the written words. Readers may not necessarily feel like this prayers are authentic to them, which is permissible, since prayer serves two functions: the perfunctory prayers found in a Siddur and the relational prayers with HaShem that individuals can have without need of a guide like this book (and instead should refer to the Bible’s instructions on prayers).

Those who enjoy small prayer books as a devotional aid will enjoy this work, but personally, I prefer to stick to my Siddur, the L-rd’s Prayer (which is part of the Amidah), and the five-points approach (Family, Friends, Employer, Widows/Orphans, then Self).

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