“Death by Living” by N.D. Wilson

Death By Living_Book Cover_High Resolution

What does it mean to die by living? N.D. Wilson takes the issue of death and does exactly what the subtitle suggests: explores how life is supposed to be spent, and how we can have death by living instead of death without having life. 

N.D. Wilson is a best-selling author, and there’s a reason why. He’s known for many works, but this book does it justice. This book, Death by Living, gives us a unique perspective on what it means to live through a poetic lens. As the PR company for Wilson’s book puts it, “Wilson reminds each of us that to truly live we must recognize that we are dying. Every second we create more of our past—more decisions, more breathing, more love and more loathing.

How else can one describe a book that is literally one large poem? It’s not a collection of poetry, but a collective landscape of Wilson’s view on living a life spent instead of unused. As a writer, it’s fun to read. As a poet, it’s inspiring. But even more so, as a reader, it’s encouraging, unrooting, and driven. It’s impossible to argue that this book won’t impact you, because it surely will. It is in this light that it might be a necessary read, and certainly a uniquely incredible one.

I don’t just hand out positive votes. I carefully vet review requests prior to accepting the contract, and this book made it past the initial round. So when I say this a good book, it means that it’s worth checking out. It’s a book I may come back to once and again to read bits from time to time, treating more like a collection of books, but it certainly can be read all the way through. As Wilson writes, “[t]he world is big, yes. But [G-d] is bigger.” And that’s enough to encourage me and keep me intrigued.

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