“940 Saturdays” by Harley Rotbart

940 Saturdays, Family Activities & a Keepsake Journal by Harley A. Rotbart

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This family activities and keepsake journal comes as two components: the main book, which is full of blank pages to be filled, and the family activities suggestion list that is enclosed in the back.

At a first glance, this keepsake journal comes in a high quality hardback edition, complete with a softer front cover to resemble the feeling of a journal. With fun and quirky images on the front to invite the reader in, one quickly finds that this book is not just one to be read, but first one to be written in. The premise to the book is that there are only 940 Saturdays between when a child is born and when they turn eighteen years of age, making this book the perfect gift to accompany a newborn.

Each page gives space for two Saturdays, which are numbered and space left for a date. Additionally, a bookmark ribbon comes attached to save the current spot, like most journals would feature. The pages open with a slight resistance, making writing a challenge for left-handed individuals, since it does not lay flat, but rather with a natural curve.

In the included family activities booklet, Rotbart discusses the concept for Saturdays being family days, and the importance of it for every age. Activities are then broken up using a legend into sections based off age, being 0-2, 2-5, 5-11, 11-14, and 14-18. Organized by type of activity, one can flip to a section, such as “science,” and have suggestions based off every age range. There are thousands of suggestions, and are not required, but only meant to inspire.

This book would be perfectly suited for family activities. For my family, being Jewish, we honor Shabbat, and so as we look to plan activities, we intentionally choose ones that can still occur on Shabbat, saving the journaling for after dark. If we come across an activity that we really want to do but can’t on Shabbat, we do it the day before the day after. While the intent is Saturday, really all one needs to do is stick to a consistency and habitual training, which is really the end goal of this book journal: to engrain healthy habits of regular family time and connection. For that alone, the investment is worth it.

This book is a great option for families, and it doesn’t have to be religiously stuck to. Skip a Saturday, choose a Thursday, whatever works for you. In retrospect, all that matters is that you did it, not when you did it.

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