“A.D. 30” by Ted Dekker

A.D. 30A.D. 30 by Ted Dekker

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ted Dekker is an accomplished writer that has changed the landscape by which Christian fiction exists. Having published numerous titles and being an NYT best-selling author, Dekker writes with a style that enchants readers and keeps them gripping their seats until the tale has finished, only to desire more.This book is no different.

Dekker’s tale that the reader finds themselves in is much different than his other works of fiction. Relying off several fictional characters and events, Dekker shares the experience of a new mother, living a life of shame, who encounters Y’shua. Through her encounters with this Jewish Messiah, she discovers a life of freedom that combats her at every step. In this same way, Dekker is telling of his own struggles he faced while writing this novel. Using only the recorded words of Y’shua, Dekker writes an enthralling tale designed to lead readers through this same discovery: that the Son of G-d, the Messiah, can not only deliver us in our life to come, but in our current reality as well.

It is in this particular area that Dekker shares his struggle: how to be restored and live the life that Y’shua promised while faced with the struggles and depravity of this world. This book is filled with strife, suffering, and great loss. But within this pages, there is also hope. Fiction is said to be just as educational as nonfiction, if not even more inspiring to one’s life. Dekker has, in his prior works, and continues to, in this work, prove such a saying to be true. His voice in this book is not like one I have encountered before, but nonetheless still shows his talent and ability.

This title receives a score of four out of five stars.

There were some points in the book that I just wanted to quit reading, angry at the events occurring, but nonetheless forced myself to continue. I did not care as much for this book and Dekker’s voice in it as I have his other titles, but to discover how Dekker would present Y’shua was worth the journey to me. Out of respect for fiction, I am not sharing any specific details of the book, and also because the publisher send me an advance reading copy, prior to final drafting, so details could very well change.

I urge readers to do the same – to keep the course of reading the novel – as it is one that is full of surprises and turns at every step. What I expected at page one was certainly not what I encountered on page ten. Dekker also holds a great respect in the book to accuracy of events, as well as the cultures of those times. Being Jewish myself, I can attest that his respect is evident and more than welcome.

This book is a recommended read, and a welcome one to Dekker’s catalog…

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