“A House Divided” by Robert Whitlow

A House DividedA House Divided by Robert Whitlow
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Whitlow is a well-known fiction writer in the Christian literary verse, and for good reason. His books regularly receive top-notch reviews and is likened to the secular popular legal thriller writers of the era. As his dramatic works unfold for millions of readers, so too did I witness the stage set for the words before me to play out.

For me, however, I was not enchanted with his works as I had hoped to be. With the expectation of his works set to the bar of James Patterson and Richard Castle, I began to read with the earnest desire to enjoy a fast-paced legal drama. Unfortunately, this is not what I experienced. Rather, the pages turned slowly for me, and I was discouraged from venturing into the tale much further.

To be fair, Whitlow’s efforts were spent on character development and backstory. However, this could have been accomplished in a manner that would enable the readers to join a quicker pace tale to be told. So, for those looking for a fast-paced drama that will glue them to their screens (or pages, for old-school readers), this book is not the one you’re looking for. If you’re a fan of Whitlow, this is right up your alley – free to disappointment. However, Whitlow’s literary style isn’t for everyone…

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