“Again” by John Leatherman

AgainAgain by John Leatherman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is a fun and enjoyable read. Written in a verbage that is simple to understand yet captivating at the same time, Leatherman tells the story of a young man named Chance Trifle, who has the unique ability to live each day three times, with only the final time being the “official” experience. Chance struggles with this ability and how it could help him save others, or use it for himself. Chance finds himself in over his head, despite his ability to retry each day, as he quickly finds himself pit against thugs, mercenaries, and a love circle that he himself spun.

As the story quickly unfolds before readers and enchants them to continue flipping pages (or for some, refreshing screens), Leatherman writes a legacy that establishes himself as a writer of his own sort, revealing that each person has a unique style, and Leatherman’s unorthodox approach to it allows the reader to identify, and in some ways, collaborate with Chance.

An excellent read, this book provides a great break from the stressors of everyday life and allows the reader to fantasize what it would mean to be able to repeat each day of their own…

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