“Agent with a History” by Guy Stanton III

Agent with a HistoryAgent with a History by Guy S Stanton III

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Stanton starts the book with the introduction to a crime scene that is almost an exact replica of the precinct where the female protagonist works as a homicide detective. Framed as a crime thriller, the book takes off direct into the web of mystery that I find oh-so-familiar to the plethora of shows and books out there. There is a large difference, however, with Stanton intentionally seeking to create a Christian worldview in each book, abstaining from explicit sex scenes and foul language. In this regard, I give him kudos – it is a challenge to write and avoid inappropriate content and maintain success. His book is highly regarded by reviewers with consistent four and five star ratings. Why, then, did I give it three stars?

I have been reviewing books for quite some time, and have several hundred professional reviews completed. As a result, I have honed myself to focus on the craft of the writer more so than the entertainment of the content. Sure, there are some books that capture my attention and compel me to read to the end. This book, however, is not one of them. As I said, I appreciate Stanton’s hard work – writing is a challenge, and being a novelist is impressive.

However, looking at this introduction to his action/adventure series, I find that Stanton struggles with the fluidity of his prose and grammatical structures. He has potential, of which I am sure reveals itself deeper into the text and in his other titles, but this book could use an editorial review. Stanton consistently writes sentences that cause me to re-read the material out of getting caught up in the structure more than the story. The grammatical makeup of his text leaves me struggling to go from start to finish in the text, with several instances of internal thought of the character at hand that did not seem like a thought, but rather a narrator’s comment, or run-on sentences and the like.

If you’re looking for a clean thrill, then this job is most likely an excellent choice. If the sex scenes and foul language that typically finds itself in this genre does not bother you, then I would defer to titles by James Patterson, Richard Castle, and the like. Stanton does an excellent job at getting his work out in the wild – it just needs a bit more editorial work to boost the quality of the content.

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