“An Insider’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare” by Kristine McGuire

An Insider's Guide to Spiritual Warfare: 20 Battle Tested Strategies from Behind Enemy LinesAn Insider’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare: 20 Battle Tested Strategies from Behind Enemy Lines by Kristine McGuire

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Kristine McGuire, author of Escaping the Cauldron, has returned to the battlefield of the books with her newest title, An Insider’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare. Her last book examined how witchcraft can be lurking around any corner in a believer’s life, and how to avoid it. It also demystified many confusions about witchcraft and wicca in particular. In this book, McGuire examines the hidden war raging behind the scenes of daily life.

McGuire divides her book into five parts: (i) Life in a Spiritual War Zone, (ii) The Weapons of War, (iii) Common Battlefields, (iv) When Supernatural Meets Natural, and (v) Take Back Your Ground. Relying on what McGuire asserts are thirty battle-tested strategies to spiritual warfare, readers are introduced to Spiritual Warfare, how to prepare for it, what not to do, where the battle will take place, why there are ghosts, and best methods to overcome weariness and defeat the enemy.

McGuire is authentic about her experiences. Having lived the life of witchcraft, a background by which I am also familiar with, McGuire speaks from personal knowledge and expertise. Having, as she calls it, “lived behind enemy lines,” McGuire intimately knows what to expect. While the content in her book can be considered “charismatic” by some believers, it is content that is nonetheless crucial to understanding what’s at stake at every moment.

McGuire relies heavily on Scripture, sharing her own experiences and practices for readers to learn from, and gives points to reflect to help the reader evaluate themselves. Each chapter closes with an action point that leads to the next issue to deal with. Written very much in the voice of a daily devotional, this book can be read in one sitting, or better yet, spread out a chapter at a time, to better allow the reader to absorb and act on each step.

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