[iOS App] “It’s a Very Merry Larry Christmas VeggieTales App”


Today’s review is on a new type of product. While my reviews are normally on books (and audiobooks), this one is an app.

With books, I would normally consider the writing style, etc. With an app, it is quite different indeed. To review this app, I judged it based off a general overview, potential bugs/issues, quality of use, and price point.

The App
It’s a Very Merry Larry Christmas VeggieTales App

This app is available for multiple platforms, but since I only own iOS devices, that is the platform I am testing.

This VeggieTales app is a game marketed toward children ages six to eight. The app is released in conjunction with a new VeggieTales DVD. In the game, users are to help Larry prepare for the best Christmas ever by participating in different activities, including a puzzle-based train set, matching gifts, tree decorating, decorating and “mailing” a card, a Bejeweled-like game, a Silly Song music video, and a coloring activity book. This holiday-themed activity set has a central “portal” of participation: the mall lobby (with each activity being in a different store).

Bugs & Issues
The only item close to being a bug would be a slow-load for an offline game. This could definitely be improved. Also, more of an interface issue, the buttons to advance the story are small and in the corner of the device, which can be problematic (I say can be, because while my five year old and I had difficulty with navigation, my two year old nailed it right away).

Quality of Use
The gameplay is fun and based off addicting and popular games on the market today (Bejeweled, matching, puzzle and logic games, etc.). The content is appropriate for the age range marketed, and definitely feels like a commercialized version of Christmas. Other than the bugs and issues mentioned earlier, the game works well and even has baked in features that are additional helpful for children, such as narration of the text and locking borders in the coloring book to help children color “in the lines” on a device (which is much more difficult than traditional paper and colored pencils). Overall, the app has a traditional VeggieTales to it, which would make sense.

Price Point
The app entered the market with an introductory price of 99 cents, which I would have given as a fair price The final price to sale as, however, is $2.99. This, to me, is a higher price than I would have expected for the app. Some utility apps justify the expense, but I have never been one for paying for a game. That said, I believe that $0.99 or $1.99 would be a fair price, not $2.99.

In all, the app is well-built, enjoyable, and my kids loved it. Other than the price and slow loading at times, the app is great and perfect for children, especially those that love the VeggieTales world.Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.