[Audiobook] “4 Disciplines of Execution” by Chris McChesney, Sean Covey, and Jim Huling

This audiobook edition is narrated by the authors. This review focuses primarily on Covey’s narration.

Chris McChesney. Sean Covey. Jim Huling. These three are well-known for their books in the marketplace, primarily on business and success. This audiobook brings not just these three famed authors together for an adventure, but also their voice talents.

When I listened to Covey, I was less than impressed. I found his narration to be bland, monotonous, and overall boring. I suppose that I couldn’t expect much in a business book, but nevertheless, I had hoped for more. It sounded like I was attending a university lecture, where the classroom was stadium seating, overfilled, with an underpaid and overworked instruction low on coffee. His slight intonation kept me from drifting off too often. Luckily, his medium-paced reading prevented me from losing too much information.

Overall, Covey’s work on the book was uninteresting. It was a clear, but strained dictation, not smooth or eloquent in the least. I would give Covey a measly two stars in performance, though his text could easily earn more. One great thing about this audiobook, though, is that all three speak. This is beneficial in the way that once I was more than tired of Covey, another voice would pick up and keep me going. The transition between narrators gives this audio hope, but not much. Overall, I would give a three star rating for performance. The audio felt unimpressive and overworked. The voice talent simply lacked talent.

Those who like Covey, Huling, and McChesney will most likely bear the brunt of the monotony. Otherwise, perhaps a print book is a better prescription? Let’s see…

This book is about the most actionable and impactful insights to produce extraordinary results. The authors give the assurance that this book will provide the results of what one puts into it. Very heavy of self-praise from their other works, the authors have tied this book based off prior writings. Regardless of knowledge of their other works, however, this book addresses a business problem with specific treatment: what is the problem with execution? In the end, it takes their four disciples of execution, which doesn’t involve multitasking by any means, and produces a business plan that many today need. Content mature, this book has a content rating of four stars.

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