[Audiobook] “Ancient Rising” by JC De La Torre


The audiobook edition of Ancient Rising, by JC De La Torre, is narrated by Joe Bevilacqua.

I enjoy reviewing books and their audio counterpart. When it comes to audio books, I have come to learn that they are not just an edition to the print text, but often times a performance. With Ancient Rising, the narration is a step above – complete with surround sound effects. The sound effects, provided by Bevilacqua as part of the production, enhance the experience. While the narration would be sufficient without the music, etc. (being like other audiobooks), Bevilacqua created a work of art that, at times, could be considered more audio drama than audio book.

Music, creaks, sirens, knocks, rings, shouts – it’s all there as part of the experience. During times of non-action (such as the character caught in thought), appropriate music guides the listener through to more gripping scenes. Bevilacqua’s narration, in and of itself, is also superb, providing not just proper inflection, dramatic pause, and artistic narration, but a performance worthy of pairing to the sound effects. Thus, a consistent and appropriately-timed sound effect did not cover the narration, but complemented it to great a truly astounding audio experience for the listener. Listeners, such as myself, will find themselves so caught up in the experience that time will pass by with this emotionally gripping tale of love and loss.

Ancient Rising provides a tale of a writer – a great apocalyptic writer – who loses everything of importance but is unwilling to accept death himself, caught up in an Atlantis uprising of Greek gods who demonically rule of humans, partially due to the writer’s investigatory efforts for his books.

After listening for some time, this is an audio tale that will continue to entertain me in the future, for certain. The only negative part isn’t due to the narration, but rather to the author – this book is extremely detailed. While generally helpful for the reader/listener to understand the setting, it is, at times, distracting and detrimental to keeping the reader experiencing and engaged in the text.

Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.