[Audiobook] “Between Heaven and Ground Zero” by Leslie Haskin

This audiobook is read by the author.

This book is dedicated to all those who served to help our country during the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Leslie Haskin, who was personally involved in the attack, being located on the 36th floor of the North Tower, right when one of the planes slammed into the building. The plane attacked not just the building, but for Haskin, also her friends and her life. As a result of the attack, Haskin was diagnosed with PTSD and secured in a mental hospital for recovery. This book is her tale of loss and recovery, from the events of 9/11 to today.

This audiobook carries a musical background with it, a piano rendition of Amazing Grace. It does make it slightly peaceful to listen to, but also less relaxing. Haskin’s narration is authentic, being the author of the book, but also filled with pain. Listeners can experience the hurt that Haskin went through as she verbally relives the events that cause her so much despair.

This audiobook is suited well for those who prefer to cling on to tales of pain and recovery, or anyone who may perhaps need a recovery of their own from the harrowing events that changed America.Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.