[Audiobook] “Box Thirteen” from RadioArchives.com

Remember the days of the old radio broadcasts?

I’m not talking about modern music or talk radio, but how radio used to be…the way that Radio Archives captures it. The actors. The action. The twist. Most of all, the gripping of the sides of the afternoon chair while caught up in the plot. That is what I mean by old radio broadcast.

Radio Archives presents Box 13, a listen about a journalist turned fiction writer looking for motivational excitement, who gets more than he bargained for when someone answers his ad for adventure. The plot is intense, and the story gripping. This archive, for sure, is bound to keep your ears listening long after the finale.

Featuring sound effects by a professional crew, a detective-style male lead voice, as well as various actors to play the many characters that appear, this audiobook has it all. The theatrical presentation is bar to none, except maybe Sherlock Holmes, previously reviewed here as well.

Told from the events as they play out, while hearing the thoughts of the protagonist, the story meets the mark of what one would look for in an audio adventure. Five stars across, this listen is not to be missed. Looking for adventure? Excitement? The time of your life? Then be sure to place a response to Holliday, at Box Thirteen

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