[Audiobook] “Childhood Under Siege” by Joel Bakan

This audiobook edition is narrated by Rebecca Jenkins.

Childhood is not all purity and innocence. As a result, this book is not a lament on the loss of innocence, since it was never there to begin with. Childhood is actually quite a dangerous time – needing a parent to love, and fear, for their child and help them grow and mature appropriately. But what is to fear, and what is not to fear? How do we have accurate fears on the path of growing up?

If anything has changed over time, it is this. Not the innocence of children, nor the love of parents, but the measure by which corporations have manipulated fear to their advantage. Downplaying risks of injury or creating media hype over small issues, Corporations target every age with every malady, thus placing childhood under siege. It’s the truth: big business targets children. Mature-rated games in the hands of kids, for example, are violence-loaded graphics that are popular for young teens. To me, what’s disturbing to this is the church’s integration of these games to attract youth.

Jenkins provides a smooth narration that enhances Bakan’s material. Reading in a medium to fast pace, Jenkins navigates the text with ease, providing an artful presentation that will grip traditional listeners and motivate parents to act. Her narration seems almost too good, as if she wrote the text, which turns out to be partially true – being that she helped Bakan with the reviewing and editing process. There could not be a better narration for this text, and her voice speaks, no pun intended, for itself.

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