[Audiobook] “Disability and the Gospel” by Michael Beates

This audiobook edition is narrated by Arthur Morey.

This book, as indicative of its subtitle, is about how G-d uses the broken to display His grace. A shift is needed in the Church – one that helps the disabled and understands the issue. It required a good, solid, proper theology: a theology of understanding how G-d is personally involved in our hardship, why He allows the brokenness, and how to embrace the suffering G-d permits. There is a correlation between our level of contentment with G-d and our understanding of His word. Essentially, the church needs to teach about the glory of G-d through our infirmities, and how suffering isn’t just because of this world, but it’s also an evidence to G-d’s greatness.

Morey’s narration is soft, providing a smooth reading that is easy to follow along with. Coupled with a slower to medium rate of pace, there are moments of monotone lecture, as well as opportunities to experience inflective understanding. Overall, Morey’s voice provides an easy listening to follow along with, and those interested in the topic of this book will find the audio edition quite the companion, if not replacement altogether. Perfect for the busybody needing to realize what grace is all about…Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.