[Audiobook] “Dumbing Us Down” by John Taylor Gatto

This audiobook edition is narrated by Michael Puttonen

Gatto was a New Your City school teacher for thirty years, with time spent in the Harlem and Spanish Harlem, culminating to working at over six different schools during his tenure. While working in the conglomerate educational system, he couldn’t help but notice that the system didn’t seem to be helping. In fact, he noticed that “genius” seemed to be a naturally-occurring item, that was sometimes stifled by the system.

As a result, he had to ask himself, is the system of conglomerate education dumbing down genius? Confinement, age segregation, and lack of privacy seemed to agree, right off the bat. Knowing that trust and risk of failure is needed for students, and that learning isn’t hard, but shouldn’t be treated as work assignments instead of experience, Gatto was at odds. This book details how far this rabbit hole goes.

Puttonen’s narration feels dreary at times, much like a tired intructor fed up with the system but believes that a book can be written, perhaps without impact. In fact, that dreary feeling transcribes to the listener, presenting the hopelessness of the current system, and motivation to change. A good match, Puttonen’s voice is easy to listen to, reading at a medium pace, and aligns to the perceived perspective of an English educator.

Both content and narration are a four out of five on star ratings. This audio book is for those needing to know the horrors of mechanized education, and how it is leaving our children behind. Really, this audio tells a tale that we all need to be aware of…

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