[Audiobook] “Fermenting Revolution” by Christopher O’Brien

This audiobook edition is narrated by Daniel Maté.

This book highlights the virtues of drinking beer in a nonscientific stance, with occasional research references for the science-minded, and moves away from the Corporate-led debasement of the drinking culture. This is not an ordinary beer book. It doesn’t talk technical, nor overly historical. It’s about saving the world, but not overtly environmental. More or less, it is about O’Brien’s dream to drink beer and save the world by doing so. The intent is to prove the health of beer for me, for you, and for the world.

Maté’s narration feels very much like a video blog or educational recording, spoken at a medium pace with a slight monotone effort. Read clearly and concisely, the audio feels like it is attempting to explain the riddles of algebra using counting beans. A slight echo to the audio suggests being a recorded podcast in a lecture all. While the text feels unemotional in Maté’s narration, there are moments when the audience does connect. Despite what seems like a downside for this audio, Maté’s narration does surprisingly well, matching the author’s style and intentionally-unprofessional approach to the matter.

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