[Audiobook] “Fields of Gold” by Andy Stanley

This audiobook edition is narrated by Lloyd James.

Andy Stanley grew up knowing the concept of tithing. It was part of his routine, his ritual. He was a tither. To him, it was simply a life truth. To him, it was just part of our process. He gave a dime off every dollar he made, especially when he was a kid and it wasn’t his own. Then he started to grow up.

He got a job. He made money. And despite it only being a dime off each dollar, those dollars added up, and his tithe started to look like a couple hundred bucks each paycheck. It was easier to give when the number was smaller, despite making more each time. Nevertheless, he never gave in. There are many others that do, however.

Stanley challenges this issue. It starts with questioning. What if I need this money? What if a medical bill comes through, or I can’t pay rent? What if? The what if query is only a fearful giver. We choose to be afraid. And the funny thing, Stanley points out, is that it shows us losing confidence in G-d. We start to no longer believe that He will provide, which isn’t really funny at all.

When cheerful giving transforms into fearful giving, what happens to our needs? Is G-d really there for us? Stanley writes this book to shout a resounding “yes” to the readers. G-d is there, and He will provide, and we need to tithe – cheerfully. His message is timely and convicting.

James’ narration is not as charismatic as Stanley’s personality is, which is unfortunate for this text. The audio would do much better with a more lively narration, keeping readers engaged instead of offended. His voice is presented as an instructional audio, using a slow to medium pace and thoughtful pauses to encourage reflection and self-examination. Slightly monotone, James’ does a good job making the text easy to understand, but at the sacrifice of flair and performance.

The narration is an average quality, scoring three out of five stars. The content does a better job with four stars, utilizing intrigue and meaning to keep the reader/listener engaged.

We reap what we sow. If we stop sowing, we stop reaping, and it locks G-d out of providing for us (simply because we refuse to let Him). So what can we do? We need to get rid of the fear, and Stanley shows us how by sharing parables along the way…Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.