[Audiobook] “Finding [G-d] in the Hobbit” by Jim Ware

This audiobook edition is narrated by Simon Vance.

Ware’s attempt in this title is to inspire children (and adults as well) to discover G-d in the everyday events of life, as illuminated by Tolkien in his tales of Middle Earth. In this case, it is specifically concerning The Hobbit, of which fans will have the delight to experience the trilogy film edition of this single that captured the imagination of so many. Tolkien inspired not just the ability to see G-d in what we consider the mundane, but also to learn the wonder of our imagination and what is behind the curtain.

Vance displays his ability to artistically craft his voice to match the text. In prior works of his, I have described his narration as husky, regal, and authentic. In this text, while he is not as husky, he does carry a prominence to his voice, if ever so slightly. He is authentic as a narrated, and does Ware justice in this title, sounding quite like (at least in my opinion) Gandalf telling a tale of grandeur.

While I’m not much a fan of overspiritualizing literary works, in this case, it is quite necessary. Tolkien intended his tales of Middle Earth, including The Hobbit, to be allegorical in nature, and it is often missed. In this case, Ware has done an excellent job capturing that essence, and Vance is no small part in bringing quality to the audio edition.Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.