[Audiobook] “Finding [G-d] in the Hunger Games” by Ken Gire

This audiobook edition is narrated by David Cochran Heath.

I believe that film is the most powerful medium in the history of storytelling.

It’s with that assertion that Gire opens his book, about the theology he finds in the recent movie (and book trilogy), The Hunger Games. He explicitly indicates that his book is based off the recent Hollywood blockbuster, not the popular written form. It is with this intent that the pages of this book are opened. Gire does not intend to critique investigations into the theology of this book, nor is it to create argument, but only to share how Gire views G-d in this movie, of which he’s positive it is blindingly obvious. But does one identify with Gire’s assumptions? That’s an answer that will be different for each reader, or in this case, listener.

Heath’s narration is at a faster pace, prompting the listener to “keep up” with the text. Heath’s auditory presence is booming, giving the listener an attention-demanding voice to follow by. The inflection is ever so soft, almost negligible to those not searching for it. Overall, Heath’s narration is slightly ill-fitted, not matching the conversational tone that the writer presents, but rather a fast-paced presentational tone expected at a speaker convention. Nevertheless, Heath is artful in his attempt, and many audiobook listeners will find this a fair pairing.

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