[Audiobook] “Grace Unplugged” by Melody Carlson

Grace Unplugged: A NovelGrace Unplugged: A Novel by Melody Carlson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Grace Trey is eighteen years old. While passionate about her Christian faith, she is also passionate about her craft: her musical talent. This probably sounds familiar: it’s a major motion picture, and this audiobook is based off of it. Much like the movie, Grace is faced with the big break and the life challenges come with it: pop stardom or staying true to the faith. While one could argue both is possible, Miley Ray Cyrus just recently proved that with fame comes the fall of one’s faith. This audiobook delves into the struggles Grace experiences in an intimate view of her thoughts and internal dialogue. In fact, in many ways, this audiobook reminds me of Miley’s early years on the Disney channel and her public proclamations to never let down the Christian faith community.

Nora Hunter is a speed narrator. Her pace borders on breaking the speed of light at times, but mostly hovers at supersonic. Hunter’s ability to narrate does come into question with her speed of narration, as it is hard to keep up with the narrator. One moment of losing focus could easily mean over a paragraph of missed narration. That said, however, Hunter has an appropriate inflection and respects the flow of the words with intonation, pauses, and tense changes. Apart from the speed, it is an excellent narration to pair to the fictional piece, but with the speed, the narration sits at about three stars.

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