[Audiobook] “Happiness is a Choice” by Frank Minirth & Paul Meier

This audiobook edition is narrated by Gabriel Travessor. 

Revised. Expanded. The purpose? To help take it to the next level on enhancing joy and meaning in our lives. The audio opens with a challenge: why do so many struggle with depression? Why does faith seem to inhibit, rather than help, recovery? It’s a complex task, but Paul Meier is a great individual to tackle the issue at hand. Having used his work before in my Bachelor degree studies, I have no doubt of the content of this audiobook. Meier presents nothing less than accurate excellence. That said, this review is an audiobook review, so let’s take a look at the narrative talent.

Travessor presents his voice is a monotonous way. Then again, it’s up Meier’s alley of doctorate-level stuff. There is a lot to present, but despite that, I don’t agree with Travessor’s method of narration. This book comes across to me as a guide for non-professionals, or at least partially intended as it, which does not jive well with the narration. While Travessor manages to keep an even pace and articulate his speech well, I don’t agree that the presented narration is the best selection for this text. In other words, the dullness discourages me from listening to the material. If someone is struggling with depression and selects this audiobook for assistance, it may be a hindrance instead of a help.

That aside, I would give this audio edition three stars, being 4 on the content and just barely 3 for the narration. Despite my hopes of influential narrations, there is still a widely-held notion out there that audiobooks are about life, but replication.Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.