[Audiobook] “Hold On to Your Kids” by Gordon Neufeld & Gabor Maté

This audiobook edition is narrated by Daniel Maté.

Peers have replaced parents as the primary influence for children, according to Neufeld. This has caused many negative consequences in our society today. This book is designed to reawaken the parent’s right to rearing and educating their children. It’s not about what parents should do, but who they should be. When parenthood is secure, natural instincts are activated, Neufeld asserts, that not only empowers the parent to influence their child, but also engages the child to secure the parent’s place as primary influence in their lives. The secret is simple: honor our children, in every interaction we have with them.

Maté’s narration is an excellent match for the text. His performance is at a medium pace, and excels the text as a seemingly-interactive teaching lesson for parents. Unique as an engaging educational audiobook for parenting, Maté’s voice is alluring and insists parents continue listening to, and implement, the practices mentioned. This audio scores an easy five stars with it’s inflection that seems to mimic the text so closely that one could almost call Maté either an actor or a secret author…

If you are interested in owning the audio edition of this title, please visit Post Hypnotic Press. Otherwise, the print edition is available in the SG Store.

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