[Audiobook] “Honey West: Murder on Mars” by Elaine Lee

This audiobook edition is provided by Campy & Arch.

An actress dies from a tragic accident. A mysterious package arrives for Honey West. It’s contents? An anonymous request to hire her, pre-paid in cash, to investigate the death of said actress. Could it have been murder? That’s what the request suggests. But where is the truth in all this? There is only one way to find out, and that’s for Honey West to go undercover. And so begins West’s narrative tale on investigation and thrill.

There are audiobooks, and then there are audio presentations. In the arena of audio presentations, some are just books that are read with a superb excellence, and others are intended to be listened to. This experience is the latter. Honey West: Murder on Mars is recorded with a cast of voices perfect for the match, complete with acting ability and suspense. Toss in the sound effects, and it’s an old radio broadcast with near-high definition quality.

Looking for a murder mystery that’ll take you along for the ride? Hop aboard this audio tale, and join Honey West in this whodunnit adventure…

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