[Audiobook] “How Should Christians Vote?” by Tony Evans

This audiobook edition is narrated by Mirron Willis.

The democratic environment of America provides a great benefit to the people of America, that being the ability to vote. We vote for policies. We vote for taxes. We vote for our leadership. And, as Evans suggests, perhaps as Christians, we ask the wrong question when voting: who to vote for. Rather, we ought to ask how to vote. It’s not about who, but about how. How does G-d want us to vote? And, quite frankly, this is an important issue to be addressed.

In life, when a pastor counsels on personal strife, they look to the Bible, identify the issue in the believer’s life, and advise what HaShem’s solution would be. The same goes for marriage. The same goes for church situations as well. So why, then, does this not apply to politics? It’s not about racial equality, family values, or denominational ties. It’s about choosing G-d over man. There are always two answers, Evans suggests: G-d’s answer and man’s answer. When the two collide, the correct one is G-d’s, but we often side with man’s. Scripture should be, and needs to be, our final source of authority and compliance. That’s what this book is about.

Willis’ narration for this audio edition is stunning. Often times, I will find a narration that matches the author good enough to give a pass, or perhaps not good enough. It’s not regular, though, to find an author so brilliantly amazing that the narration sets a higher bar of standards for audio books. This is one of those times. Willis sounds very much like James Earl Jones’ impression of Darth Vader, which could win me over by the Star Wars connection. That’s not enough, though. Vader’s (Whoops – I mean Willis’) narration is deep and authoritative, just as what should be expected from a Sith Lord. Commanding the permission of the audience, this performance is passionate and inflective in a manner that makes me grateful and addicted. I would be surprised if the author could pull off a better performance. That said, I would listen to any audiobook by this narrator. The performance is five-star worthy, illuminating the text to the next level. It’s not an audiobook – it’s an experience.Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.