[Audiobook] “In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts” by Gabor Maté

This audiobook edition is narrated by Daniel Maté.

This book is about close encounters with addiction. What is addiction, though? Some would describe it as unhealthy attachment. Others, perhaps, would call it a symptom of distress or evidence of despair. Regardless of how it is defined, however, it fits with our human condition, always taking two steps back for every one step forward. According to Buddhist thought, there is a realm of existence for the hungry ghost, which hosts the addiction part of our self. In this realm, people don’t know what they need and aren’t fully present. In this realm, people are stuck and addicted. Regardless of this realm, however, one thing is for sure: no one is beyond redemption. This is what Maté covers in his book.

Maté’s (Daniel) narration is a very smooth reading. Read at a medium pace, his artful polished approach is well-versed with proper inflection and tone. Sounding not at all like a performance reading, Maté once again excels in his trade with an appeal to our creativity, resembling the self-reflection one makes aloud. An excellent match for this book, on par with his performance in his other works…

If you are interested in owning the audio edition of this title, please visit Post Hypnotic Press. Otherwise, the print edition is available in the SG Store.

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