[Audiobook] “Lead Me, Holy Spirit” by Stormie Omartian

This audiobook edition is narrated by Renee Raudman.

What does it mean to be led by the Holy Spirit?

This the question in which Omartian opens this discussion on the Holy Spirit. She talks about how she became a Christian, and when she came to know who the Holy Spirit is. Omartian’s book follows the concept of her other works, that is, in guiding the believer to live the power of G-d in a spirit-filled manner. This book isn’t about charismatic practices or attempts to satisfy the need of self-indulgence through spiritual abnormality. This book isn’t about criticizing the experience of others. Rather, Omartian’s writing discusses how to submit to the Spirit, live by the Spirit, and be led by the Spirit. Omartian’s experience stems from learning to trust and rely on G-d’s presence.

Raudman’s narration of the text is presented in a medium to face paced manner. Appropriate to the script, Raudman’s voice is eloquent and an excellent match for the book. Her presentation carries the right inflection and tone for the text, encouraging listeners to picture the images and carry the discussion. From the Jesus Movement to modern-era life, the voice of the text gives life to Omartian’s words, and encourages believers to find hope in Holy Spirit – the very spirit of G-d.

Fans of Omartian will love this book, especially the audio edition. The strong, biblical message presented in the words are matched by the peaceful performance presented by Raudman. For those on the fence about whether to invest in this book: take the plunge – it will be worth it.Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.