[Audiobook] “Lord. Change. Me.” by James MacDonald

This audiobook is narrated by Wayne Shepherd.

This book is about removing tumors from life to find joy. It is about change, not growth. This involves becoming radically different as soon as possible. It is not for those who want to improve, but those who want to differ altogether. It is about change according to the Bible, not a self-help book. It’s about doing, now. Transformation, critically. This book is only for those who want and seek that radical, instantaneous change. This book is how to accomplish that change. It is divided into four sections: (i) prepare to change, (ii) process of change, (iii) power to change, and (iv) experiencing change.

Not what, not why, but how. This book of actionable change doesn’t spend time explaining what change is or why it is necessary, but is only how to accomplish it. This book is for those who know they need to change and are willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish said change.

The narration is smooth with an excellent inflection. It sounds like an audiobook, of course, but could easily be interpreted as a radio advertisement or video presentation that would accompany the printed edition. Medium-paced in a manner that is easy to follow along with, the audio achieves Five Stars with a salesman-like style to it. “Change Needs You – Now.” Or so it goes…Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.