[Audiobook] “Lost in Language & Sound” by Ntozake Shange

This audiobook edition is narrated by Allyson Johnson.

This audiobook is rather different than traditional books, using a collection art to tell the tale, designed to allow us, the readers/listeners, like the author, to become lost in language and sound. This archive of poetic inspiration is unique in its own regard, remniscient of the days of Dickinson, but with more flare and attitude. Sometimes appropriate, sometimes racism-laden, this collection is more often than not an Afro-American journey captured in prose.

Johnson’s narration goes well with the text. Not a reading, but rather a poetry performance, Johnson carries the script like an acted monologue, performing at a level that entrances listeners. This excellent pairing couldn’t be beat, and is the true time capsule of Shange’s poetic and dramatic art. Like most art, Shange’s is no different, challenging thought patterns with offense. But if one were in the market, this is an excellent collection to experience.

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