[Audiobook] “Man of [G-d]” by Charles Stanley

This audiobook edition is narrated by Maurice England.

This book is about the real man. Stanley recounts his experiences in the ministry with women looking for the ideal man. The problem is this: every ideal man is different in interpretation, but scores well with listening, feelings, and being a super-spiritual leader at home. Stanley feels that this is distorted. He believes a real man is beyond that: a man of maturity, responsibility, and of G-d. His description of understanding, acceptance, development, and demonstration shows that every man is falling short in some fashion, regardless of what expectations society places. A real man is a process, a journey.

England provides a voice that jives with the text. His narration is deep and authoritative, matching what I would reasonably expect Stanley to sound like as a result of listening to the text. He aligns himself well, and is easy and clear to understand. Despite all this, England’s approach is so strong that long-term listening is difficult, making this audiobook best broken into small segments. Overall, I would give this three stars. It’s good, not the worst, but also not the best. A softer approach would be more welcomed with the message the author is intending to share.Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.