[Audiobook] “Miracle for Jen” by Linda Barrick

This audio book edition is narrated by Kirsten Potter.

A tragic car accident. A daughter in a coma. The doctors don’t have high hopes, due to the brain damage. Much isn’t expected. Five weeks later, Jen wakes up…praying to G-d. She remembers her memory verses, who Y’shua is, and the role of G-d in her life. What doesn’t she remember? Everything else. Her parents. Her brother. Her middle name. Her life. Then her mom starts to pray for her.

This true tale follows the lives of the Barrick family, written by her mother, Linda. It is a moving, gripping tale of faith and hope, passion and prayer. This review, however, isn’t about the book, but rather the narration for the audio.

Potter’s inflection is proper and well-placed, but overall quite dull. The tale is by the mother, regarding the daughter, but the narration doesn’t give to the passion that the mother must have felt. Inauthentic, this audio is not a tale to be engrossed in, nor a naturally-spoken flow that imitates a small group setting. It even doesn’t feel like a prepared speech. Definitely feeling as if it were read from a page by an uninvolved party, this audio carries the stereotypical expected sound of an audiobook, or a lengthy eulogy given at a church.

In all, the audio is unimpressive, and warrants a meager 3 out of 5 for worth listening to, only partially saved by the content the narrator represents. I give a solid recommendation to read instead of listen to this one.

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