[Audiobook] “Named by [G-d]” by Kasey Van Norman

This audiobook is narrated by the author. 

Is Christ a step-in savior for you? Van Norman admits such for herself in this book. Intentionally placed on the cover is her hand with a wrist tattoo, which says redeemed. Despite the controversy behind tattoos, she donned this tattoo as an eternal reminder of who she truly is, and needs to be.

We have all been redeemed by G-d, Van Norman declares. We are born named by G-d, but tend to forget this along the way. Nevertheless, our call is this: to live named by G-d, redeemed, as who we are in Christ. We must find our identity in Him.

Van Norman has a good premise for her book, and her narration has an uncanny authenticity to it. Speaking eloquently at a medium to fast pace, Van Norman is innovative in her narration – remind me of speakers at a convention center. The audio carries an echo that reminds me of a lecture in an empty hallways. Her reading is very much so a performance in this regard. Clear dictation, smooth transitions, and an overall presentation that is easy to listen to, the only downside is it is also easy to be distracted from. Four out of five for skill and content.Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.