[Audiobook] “Next Generation Leader” by Andy Stanley

Next Generation Leader: 5 Essentials for Those Who Will Shape the FutureNext Generation Leader: 5 Essentials for Those Who Will Shape the Future by Andy Stanley

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This audiobook edition is narrated by Lloyd James.

Are you a next generation leader? Stanley seems to promise that this book will help forge you on that path. This book is about the five essentials for those who will shape the future. This book is all about leadership, and not necessarily in the business culture. It can be, in Stanley’s case, leading a church as an Associate Pastor. The next generation of leaders, those in their younger thirties, has, as Stanley asserts, a strong ethic to personal growth and achievement. Stanley desires to bring leadership training techniques to this younger group of leaders. In this consideration, he quips that much will be expected of those that much is given to. He begins by sharing his youth experiences and how he learned leadership via self-management. He writes this book, as a partial result, to give more to the next generation.

James’ narration of this book carries a scent of relaxation within a business tone, demanding attention to the material while allow the listener to also sit back and absorb the material at their own pace. On the topic of pace, James’ speaks at a medium rate with clear speech and inflection, permitting listeners to hear, reflect, and learn. A smooth presentation overall, James’ does surprisingly well in the ability to mimic Stanley’s written voice. He isn’t merely reading the text, but rather performing it, if ever so slightly, so as to not distract. After all, it isn’t about the voice, but the material, and James helps make this so.

Clearly written for leaders or potential leaders, this book is best geared to those wishing to lead others, or those that may already do. The best time to listen is with pen and paper in hand, given there’s so much to learn. Enjoy!

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