“Oliver Twist” by Charles Dickens

Oliver Twist

This audiobook is a radio theatre experience. 

This audio drama is over five and a half hours long, part of an award-winning radio theatre series by Focus on the Family, with a full cast, cinema sound, and original music score. From the Dickens classic, this feature is designed for a new generation with an authentic feel.

Following the life of Oliver Twist, born into a rough world, the audiobook opens with the death of Twist’s mother. As a result, Twist was placed into an orphanage. His continual hope in the best, despite his tragic beginning and life of oppression, is what gives hope to listeners, trusting in compassion and redemption in the face of corruption. Taking place in 19th century England, Focus on the Family has brought the old back to life to reach out again.

The narration is a typical radio theatre, full on cast performance and musical score, but in this instance, quite lacking in the sound effects. The audio receives high marks for a well-endeavored path for this classic tale, but falls short on quality. This audio really cannot be considered an audiobook, but rather an audio performance. In the world of audio books, it would reign tall, but in the realm of performances, it is par for the course.

Those who enjoy Dickens or traditional audiobooks will find this option refreshing, but it definitely is not a seat-gripping adventure to pass the time with.

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