[Audiobook] “Own It” by Hayley DiMarco & Michael DiMarco

Own It: Discover Your Faith in GodOwn It: Discover Your Faith in God by Hayley DiMarco

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The book begins with telling of the Prodigal Son. After briefly summarizing the tale while providing a bit of “backstory” to the culture, the authors use this parable to show the love of G-d as the father in the tale originally told by Y’shua. The authors use this to show how the book is not about accusing, but rather about benefitting. It is designed to help readers, or listeners, determine their own faith in G-d, from a biblically-based perspective.

From an audiobook point of view, the narration is pretty well made. Read with inflective pauses and changes in intonation to reflect the grammatical structure of the book, the only challenge is the rate of pace – not giving enough pause between points to reflect on. Nevertheless, the DiMarco team does a fair job with the narration. It is obvious, however, that it is an audiobook narration. There is a certain flatness to the reader, as if based in an academic setting, that causes the listener to potentially lose attention because the material no longer feels personalized, but mass produced.

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