[Audiobook] “Poor Matza” by Avrom Reisen

Poor Matza by Avrom Reisen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Listening to this audiobook narration reminds me of some of my Jewish ancestors, carrying a similar narrative voice. The audio is narrated smoothly and delicately, providing an authentic feel for the reader, despite this book having been translated from Yiddish to English prior to recording.

Reisen includes several short tales in this collection that was translated by Harvey Fink for our enjoyment. If you are considering this audiobook, the question is not if you would enjoy the content, but rather if you would enjoy the narration. For individuals already committed to the content, this audiobook will be the perfect addition to listening bliss. For those still debating on the material, perhaps looking into Reisen’s work is the best next step for you, as Yiddish tales (translated or not) are from a different culture altogether.

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