[Audiobook] “Road to the Resurrection” by Greg Laurie

This audiobook edition is narrated by Ray Porter.

This book is about, well, the road to the resurrection. This road to the resurrection is considered by Laurie to be the heart of Easter, and thus, this book then being about the miracle of Easter. There is much discussion over the importance of Easter being a Christian holiday honoring the resurrection of Y’shua, and not about chocolate bunnies and plastic Easter eggs.

So what is Easter about? Does Y’shua represent Easter, or is Easter a Catholic cover up for the Spring pagan rituals? What if Y’shua is really about the completion and fulfillment of Passover, and it isn’t about Easter at all? There are so many questions to ask, but Laurie maintains a standard Christian mindset and interpretation through it all.

Porter’s narration style for this text is quite persuasive, with a defined tone to convince the reader of Easter’s importance, as Laurie would desire. His inflection aligns with Laurie’s intent for the text, matching the narrator and author up for this work perfectly. The textual intention is not just obvious by the reading, but reassured through Porter’s performance, utilizing his deep mellow voice and medium to fast pace to replicate the author as much as possible. This truly is a magnificent work of narration.

While not a performed audio but more of a classic retelling, this narration nevertheless scores a five out of five, the content more of a three, giving a final score of four out of five.Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.