[Audiobook] “Romans 1 – 7 For You” by Timothy Keller

Romans 1 - 7 for YouRomans 1 – 7 for You by Timothy Keller

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

England’s narration is one that is not easy to miss. With a characteristic, slightly husky, voice, England commands attention of the audience by stating the facts more so than waxing over them. Each sentence he narrates carries an authority to it that pairs up well with Keller’s works. Combining an authoritative writer with an authoritative narrator provides one option: an authoritative audiobook.

With this in mind, the content presented is right up the alley of Keller’s works and what one would expect of him. However, with this content in mind, perhaps a smoother voice would be best. Given the studious nature of the material, England’s narration for this particular text does not enhance my understanding, but rather overwhelms my ears. Give England a speech from the Awakening and he’s set. This work is not one of those speeches. While the writing does establish facts, it is better suited for an academic feel that allows individuals to relax while reading, not sit up, stressed and anxious.

In all, three stars. England does a great job. Keller does a great job. For this exact title, however, they don’t match as well as one would hope.

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