[Audiobook] “Seeing Through the Fog” by Ed Dobson

This audiobook edition is narrated by Arthur Morey.

When the fog rolls in, the horizon disappears. The sight line is gone, and sometimes even the sidewalk next to your moving vehicle disappears. It’s at times like these that Dobson feels like he has no control in his life. One of those times was his diagnosis with ALS.

This book gives hope for when your world falls apart. It doesn’t ignore or avoid your circumstances. Rather, this hope is in the midst of your circumstances. Hope is rock solid. Real. Unmovable. Eternal. It’s this hope – the hope in our Creator – that keeps one moving while in the fog. It’s this hope, or reliance, on G-d, that is the true battle in life. Regardless of cancer, ALS, divorce, death, or any other struggle in this life, it’s this hope that is all we can count on. It’s part of our humanity to struggle. And that’s where this book come in. This book helps us find the hope in the midst of our struggle.

Morey’s voice carries a certain regality to the text. Deep and inflective, his medium-paced narration projects and older feel, with an accent just slightly marking Dobson’s heritage. Overall, Morey’s narration gives an authentic feel to the audio. In the case of this audio, however, it isn’t a theatre performance. It isn’t a lecture all. If anything at all, this audio truly reflects the narration that an audiobook can present and still feel like an audiobook. With that being the case, the audio works out just fine for this encounter of struggle and revelation of hope.Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.