[Audiobook] “Sinner’s Creed” by Scott Stapp

This audiobook edition is narrated by Ray Porter.

This title is a memoir by the lead singer of Creed, as an autobiography. Stapp confesses to being a Christian in a Rock & Roll band, with the intention that Creed was not a Christian band. It provided an excuse for his sinful behavior, he reflects. Stapp initially believed in no grey areas of life. There is right, there is wrong. There is G-d, there is evil. Do right, love G-d. Do wrong, love the devil. Then he felt there was more to it – a Gospel of Love. While there is truth to this, Stapp took it to an extreme and used it to justify his lifestyle of sin. Further, the content he presents in his work indicates that he believes that during his entire “prodigal son” journey, he was still saved. Unconditional grace, inability to lose salvation, etc., make him an excellent mark for the improper doctrine of Calvinism.

Back to the book, though, Stapp uses his experiences to write about his journey in rock and roll, as well as his journey in his Christian life. Despite his sin, and loss of hope, Stapp returns to the faith with a book about his experience, in an effort to share what happened and reach to others. Apart from the incorrect theology, Stapp’s endeavor is a noble one.

Porter’s narration carries a self-inflective approach, carefully mimicking what Stapp’s own narration would have been, providing an authentic feel for the autobiography narration. Reading at a medium pace, listeners can keep up with Porter’s clear narration and imagine the scene as if it were real time. Porter’s narration is five stars, despite the author’s two stars, giving this audiobook a severe advantage over the print edition.Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.