[Audiobook] “Strategy of Satan” by Warren Wiersbe


Joe Geoffrey narrates Wiersbe’s audio book edition.

In this book, Wiersbe writes about spiritual warfare. He declares that this book is not for the average consumer, but rather for those engaged or to be engaged in spiritual warfare. This book is, in essence, the “field manual” for such individuals.

This book is about Satan and, well, his strategy. In this book, readers (or in this case, listeners) will learn how the devil works and his schemes, and how to defend themselves and others. This book is not a devotion in any manner, but the typical war book that troops would use in battle. It includes the fundamentals of spiritual warfare.

Attitudes are important for health and success in the mind.

In essence, Wiersbe argues that the steps to fall out of G-d’s design are to first remove His word, then add to it, then change it, then view the part of Scripture that’s been edited apart form G-d’s word. G-d is about truth, unedited. Satan is about lies, filtered and censored.

Geoffrey’s voice is authentic in nature, emulating the author’s intended voice. Deep and gruff, as well as clearly read, the audio is easy to listen to and understand. It is a good, solid narration, and I was very pleased listening to his work.

While this book is for a niche group by written design, the narration opens this book up to a wider audience, but challenges Wiersbe’s warning on the front page: he asks readers and listeners to not be distracted while learning what he has to say, and attributes distractions to the enemy. Heavy on charismatic beliefs, light on humor, Wiersbe’s work is for the dedicated Christian who is not interested in entertainment.

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