[Audiobook] “The 5 States of Success” by Brendan Foley

Brendan Foley narrates his own work in this audiobook edition.

This book is about success. More specifically, it is about the elements of success. Foley argues that through his years of study and experience, he believes he has narrowed the object of success down to five measurable states of being. For the purposes of this review, here is a brief snapshot of what Foley posits:

  1. Insight. Insight is clarity, which is in turn creativity. Insight is represented by the head of the body, or the elemental air.
  2. Connection. Connection is empathy, which is in turn building with others. Connection is represented by the heart of the body, or the elemental water.
  3. Certainty. Certainty is conviction, which is in turn proceeding. Certainty is represented by the gut of the body, or the elemental earth.
  4. Vitality. Vitality is action, which is in turn creation. Vitality is represented by he health of the body, or the elemental fire.
  5. Spirit. Spirit is purpose, which is in turn leadership. Spirit is represented by the life or soul of the body, or the elemental ether.

Foley explains these five states of being in detail, and teaches readers how to effectively use these states in everday life. Foley is so confident of his studies that he gives a guarantee of success.

Being the narrator as well, Foley obviously narrates the way the author intended. He carries a medium rate of pace, and has a definite British accent. His clear dictation and defined speech, however, combat that difficulties of understanding a foreign accent, and thus make it easy to understand his voice and narration. Not presented in a monotone fashion, Foley’s narration is remniscent of a video lecture from recent filming, on a “how to” instructional era. His presentation is superb and delivers what the text deserves and inspires.

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