[Audiobook] “The Art of Procrastination” by John Perry

This audiobook is narrated by Brian Holsopple.

As indicated in the subtitle for this book, it is a guide about how to effectively lolly gag, post-pone, dawdle, and the like, to actually accomplish things by putting them on hold. It’s known as structural procrastination: the art of getting project B done by avoiding project A. Based off Perry’s findings in his self-discovery, it seems to work.

This audiobook is a humorous analyzation of the project of procrastination, and is designed to help individuals be more focused, detailed, and effective in their efforts, through what comes naturally to them: procrastination.

The audio is excellently paired. Holsopple’s ability to give voice to this text captures the audience’s attention in, well, an effective manner. His talent opens up Perry’s work to those who simply procrastinate about reading. Now, one can leave the single-minded pursuit of literary skill behind and multitask instead: listen to this audiobook while avoiding the project that really needs to get done. You may think I’m joking, and while this does have its own fair share of jest included, the fact cannot be avoided: this audio quality gives the book life, so much so that I would be even more attracted to finishing the material, if I weren’t one to procrastinate nonfiction works…

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