[Audiobook] “The Blessed Church” by Robert Morris

Rober Morris, the author, narrates the audiobook edition of this text. 

This book is supposed to be about, as the subtitle suggests, “the simple secret to growing the church you love.” The original title of this book was “Healthy Things Grow.” Essentially, it’s all about the healthy growth of reaching people who don’t know Christ and encouraging them to do the same. Morris believes it’s not just a “how to” on church health, but also “why.” Morris is no stranger to the concept, however, as his church seems to be a healthy, growing church. Thus, the question is often pointed to Morris as “what’s your secret?” Morris wrote this book as an answer overall, with the intention of the principles herein being his understanding of Scripture, fully aware that the answer may not be what everyone is looking for, and may apply differently for each organization.

The narration is clear in dictation, easy to understand what Morris is saying. It definitely feels like a rehearsed speech presented to a large conference, mostly without inflection or emotion. Carrying a solid, sturdy voice throughout the text, Morris’ narration is mediocre in presentation, which is a red flag to me. Often, narration can be different than the text, as I have heard and seen. However, when an author is the presenter, it is discomforting when there seems to be a lack of passion in the physical voice, as it often suggests that the voice of the text itself may be less than passionate as well. This audio may work well for group scenarios or church environments, but those that frequent audio editions over print for its presentation will not enjoy this selection.Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.