[Audiobook] “The Bro Code for Parents” by Barney Stinson

This audiobook edition is narrated by Neil Patrick Harris. 

When I first agreed to review this audiobook, I had no idea who Barney Stinson was, nor Matt Kuhn. All I knew was this: Neil Patrick Harris is an amazing actor. While it may simply be personal opinion, the discoveries I made regarding this product makes me believe it’s rather an well-known and established fact.

Neil Patrick Harris plays the role of Barney Stinson (spoiler alert), fictional character in the hit show, How I Met Your Mother. I had never seen this show before. Actually, a few days after receiving the product to review, I came across the show as a recommendation in my queue. For me, it was an instant hit. But truth be told, it took me until at least halfway through the first season to realize that the Barney Stinson in the show and the Barney Stinson as the author were one and the same. Even though the cover says it all, let’s disregard the obvious notion here and move along.

Given the nature and content of Barney Stinson, this audiobook deserves an advisory warning for those who have not seen him in action. Who this audiobook is not for: those averse to fictional science, sexual references, or players. Who this audiobook is for: everyone else, especially those who love a belly-ache from comedy chuckles.

This audiobook shares everything Barney Stinson would have to say about being a parent, and how to survive it by the implementation of awesomeness. In true Barney style, much of it is nonsensical and exaggerated for audience laugh support. Harris even delivers on his end, making this book top-notch in performance. The only challenge Harris faces in his performance is how he dictates the audio instead of acting it. The recording feels strained at times, with Harris not becoming Barney, but representing Barney’s work for the microphone. So for those who can get past this, there’s a surety that you’d love the rest of the work.

After all, who knew that storks delivering babies was still a popular theory of entering parenthood?

 Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.