[Audiobook] “The Corporation” by Joel Bakan

This audiobook is narrated by Rebecca Jenkins.

The “Corporation,” as Bakan views it, is an institution. Defined as a large, for-profit, American business that has stock traded (thus being a public-owned company), the Corporation, as an over-arching whole and subset of each large business, is not the same as an individual or small business being a corporation. It is important to note this distinction when exploring Bakan’s work.

So how did the Corporation come into existence? How did it obtain the status as an institution? Truth is many don’t consider that view. That view expects transparency, which is a recent request, and an obligation to the public, which seems to have never been deemed credible to the bigwigs. The foremost challenge of an institution is to be of benefit to the people, not of potential harm. It requires greater oversight and balance of powers. It requires a “don’t be evil” mantra, and excusing those who won’t comply to such benevolent gestures.

Bakan’s work explores these issues, and discusses the Corporation. How can a Corporation be benevolent as an institution when its Capitalist nature encourages malignant behavior? It’s almost as if one is asking how cancer can help the body instead of destroy it. Including commentary and interviews with specialists in the field, Bakan exlplores the complex war arena of for-profit public trade and business with a layman terminology for the general reader, or in this case listener, to understand and learn from.

In this audiobook edition, Jenkins delivers a superb performance. With a medium to fast pace, her narration isn’t boring, monotonous, or sub-par. Rather, her voice talent succeeds in matching an inflection this audio deserves. Much like listening to a personable and interactive speaker at a convention presentation, it seems as if Jenkins rehearsed her presentation down to the dots on the i’s. Easy to follow along with, this audio portion engages the listening and encourages them to become educated by what the text has to teach.Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.