[Audiobook] “The Disciplines of the Christian Life” by Eric Liddell

This audiobook is narrated by Simon Vance.

This book was published forty years after the death of the author, Eric Liddell, who had died unexpectedly from a brain tumor in a Japanese prison camp, only months before what would have been his release, leaving behind not just his wife and kids, but those still in the camp who had come to rely on him for encouragement and strength every day.

Liddell is best known for his refusal to race in the Olympics on a Sunday, as portrayed in “Chariots of Fire.” After his role winning the gold in the Olympics, he left is position as an athlete for his country and followed his call to become a China-based missionary. While in China, he published a couple pamphlets and wrote a draft of a manuscript to be published. The audio edition being reviewed here is the reading of that manuscript that was eventually discovered and published.

In the manuscript, the goals were listed as (i) define the knowledge a Christian should have, (ii) apply the knowledge, and (iii) integrate the knowledge into everyday living. As part of this task to accomplish, Liddell listed the disciplines of a Christian life, which include a daily devotional time, face and replace the unChristlike parts of our lives, continually ponder material, and learn the art of living a Christian life.

Simon Vance is quite a popular narrator, appearing in several Christian audiobooks. Vance does an amazing job narrated the text. Maintaining a convincing, if not truly authentic, Scottish accent and tone for the text, Vance pairs his magnificent effort with a varied pace that matches a heartfelt sermon from an indebted shepherd. Excellent marks, all around.Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.