[Audiobook] “The Gospel of Yes” by Mike Glenn

This audiobook is narrated by the author.

This book promises readers, or in this case, listeners that if they read the Bible, they will see all the “yes'” to Christ and to G-d, and then to themselves within its pages. All the promises of the Messiah say “yes” to Y’shua as Messiah – every prophecy and foretelling. Glenn insists that we need to step back and recognize that G-d is saying “yes” to us, and see what that “yes” means.

We need to let our yes be yes and our no be no. If it is for G-d, then say yes. If it is not for G-d, then say no. This was how Glenn initially viewed the Christian life. That, and suffering for Christ. But what if that’s not what G-d intended? What if He had a different approach in mind? Glenn suggests that G-d creates us as a whole person with particular gifts and temperament. These gifts suit is for a particular pursuit in life. G-d creates us to use our gifts to worship Him, and enjoy our lives with the gifts He has given us.

We need to say no to the things that don’t involve our gifts. Say yes to using our gifts, and no to neglecting them. By doing this, we will best apply ourselves in life. We will reduce frustration and burnout. We will be joyful. And that’s what G-d wants from us. It’s a simple concept, really. We don’t need to suffer because we are Christian. There will be times of pain, for sure, but we have a Messiah to fall back on. So, if we find joy in it and are skilled in it, we should do it joyfully and worship G-d by doing what He created us to do. If we are miserable with the activity and have no skill or gifting in the area, we should abandon the task. Words like these could radically change the church.

Glenn speaks in a typical preacher-style voice from Texas: gruff with a drawl. Luckily, his drawl is minor, which allows listeners to actually comprehend what he’s saying. The audio echoed a bit, as if it were recorded as a podcast. Otherwise, Glenn speaks authoritatively and clearly. With a medium to fast pace, he isn’t overbearing in his narration, but surprisingly graceful in the art. The audio is worthy of five stars, more accurately four and a half.

Following Y’shua is a lot more than being careful not to do wrong. Don’t define your life by what you oppose, but rather by what you support. Following Y’shua is doing right, and doing it well, within the giftings and joy G-d has given us.Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.